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"The Best Mulch in Town!"
Elliott's Garden Center has been providing the Mahoning Valley and surrounding areas with the finest quality mulch for 28 years.  The rich, long lasting color has our customers coming back year after year.  Our finely shredded mulch lays smooth and provides a higher yield than chunkier mulch.  "The Best Mulch in Town" is processed with only the finest natural ingredients at our facility. 

Why should you use mulch in your landscape?

Mulching your landscape has many benefits.  Many people enjoy the clean look of mulched landscape beds, but keep in mind some of the other ways your landscape profits from mulch.  Mulch helps retain moisture for your landscape plants cutting down on the amount of water you need to provide to new or even established trees and shrubs.  Exposed roots and soil dries out very quickly which can possibly harm plants.  As the natural ingredients in our mulches decompose they provide the soil around your landscape plants with nutrients.  Mulch insulates the soil and roots around our landscape plants keeping temperatures cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.
New mulch will help stop new weed growth by covering weed seeds in your soil.  The natural heat that is generated in mulch piles kills plants and insects, however, as your mulch begins to decompose new weed seeds can be brought in from wind and blowing lawn clippings into the bed; established weeds can sometimes grow up through the mulch from underneath as well.  If you are having trouble controlling weed growth try applying a pre-emergeant herbicide before installing mulch, or use our Fabriscape weed barrier with decorative stone mulch instead of our natural wood mulches.
We are often asked if our colored mulches (black, brown and red) are safe for children and pets.  The colorants used for these mulches are made from pigments found in nature and are perfectly safe for people and animals.  These colorants can stain things like concrete driveways and clothing, so be careful when working with them.  If you do not have a tarp to put down when having mulch delivered we can provide plastic sheeting for a small fee.  Once the colorant cures in the mulch in your landscape, it is less likely to leave the mulch when touched.  If freshly installed colored mulch is rained on within 24-48 hours it should be raked or "flipped" before baking in the sun to revitalize the color.  Once the colorant is cured with exposure to sun and air this is no longer an issue.
Color Enhanced Mulches can retain their color for up to two years depending on weather (cultivating the mulch lightly with a rake also helps revitalize the color).  Natural Double Shredded and Natural Triple Shredded Mulches break down into your soil much more quickly.  As the mulch breaks down into your soil it adds nutrients for plants, but also makes a more viable material for weed seeds to grow in.  Most gardeners prefer mulches that break down more quickly, but if you want more long term color and fewer weeds try Color Enhanced Mulch, or Decorative Stone Mulch with Fabriscape weed barrier.  Because the ingredients of our mulches are all natural they are sometimes susceptable to mushrooms, slime molds, and fungi (like shotgun fungus).  Mushrooms and 'artillery' or 'shotgun fungus' can be removed, but slime molds should be left alone to furter decompose on their own.  If you are having trouble with these growths in your mulch keep in mind that they are less likely in the Color Enhanced Mulch than they are in the Natural Double or Triple Shredded Mulches.  Artillery / shotgun fungus can leave spots on the sides of your home, so they should be removed as soon as they are spotted.  A skirt of Decorative Stone Mulch around your house can help keep these spores away from your siding and windows.
See our mulch tips page for help putting down your new mulch.

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