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Decorative Stone

Northeast Ohio's Largest Selection of Decorative Stone Mulch

Decorative stone is a great alternative to mulch if you are looking for a permenant mulching material.  The wide selection includes a variety of sizes, textures and colors.  Our friendly & knowledgable associates can help you with your selection.  Provide us with your landscape bed measurements and we can help determine the quanity of stone needed.  We offer daily delivery service for any of our stone or mulch products.

Stop in and take a look at our selection in our showroom or our website's photo gallery for more information.  Go to the Decorative Stone Mulch Calculator for a complete list including size and coverage.

  • River Gravel 2-4 inch
  • River Gravel 1.5-2.5 inch
  • River Gravel .5-1.25 inch
  • River Gravel 3/8 inch
  • Great Lakes Pebbles Small .5-1.25 inch
  • Mojave Small 1 inch
  • Black Beauty 1.5-2 inch
  • Crimson Granite 1.25-1.5 inch
  • Eastern Sunrise Small .75-1.25 inch
  • Eastern Sunrise Large 2-5 inch
  • Lucky Stones .5-1 inch
  • Arctic Rainbow .75-1.25 inch
  • Rosebud Pink Granite .5-1.25 inch
  • Western Sunrise 1-2 inch
  • Pearl Pebbles Medium 1-2 inch
  • Great Lakes Pebbles Large 1.5-2 inch
  • Great Lakes Pebbles 1.25-1.5 inch
  • Black Forest Small .5-1 inch
  • Canadian Blue Large 1-3 inch
  • Canadian Blue Stone Small .5-1 inch
  • Snow Cap White Marble 1-1.5 inch
  • Carmel Canyon .5-1.25 inch
  • Pearl Pebbles 1-2 inch
  • Large Mojave 2-4 inch
  • Desert Blend 1-1.5 inch
  • Carmel Canyon Small 3/8 inch
  • Terra Stone .75-1 inch
  • Small Mojave .5-1 inch
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Is your project to large for you to handle?  Elliott's Garden Center can refer quality contractors in your area.
Decorative Stone Mulches, Sands, and Gravels are sold per ton. Amounts under one ton are pro-rated.  There is a minimum purchase of $15.  Cost of Decorative Stone Mulch is subject to change due to fuel surcharges that we incurr.  Call ahead for availability of Decorative Stone Mulches when you are ready to pick up or schedule a delivery.  Decorative Stone Mulches are washed by the quarries that produce the stone, but there may be film or sediment covering the rocks.  The size listed for Decorative Stone Mulches is approximate and may vary.
You can bring your own 5 gallon buckets to fill with stone yard products, or we can provide you with reusable 5 gallon bags for smaller amounts.
Gravels $5
Decorative Stone Mulches $7

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