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Mulch Calculator

If you are having trouble figuring out how much mulch you will need, call the friendly associates at Elliott's Garden Center for help. The following calculations are approximate, and can be made less accurate by several variables.
Step one
To calculate how much mulch you will need for you landscape you will first need to find the total amount of square feet that needs covered.
Rectangular areas are measured by multiplying the length times the width. (Example) Length 4' x  Width 5' = 20 square feet.
Circles are measured by multiplying the radius (half the diameter) by itself, and multiplying that by pi (3.14).  (Example) Radius 3' x 3' = 9 square feet x 3.14 = 28.26 square feet.
Triangles are measured by multiplying the length times the width then dividing that product in half.  (Example) Length 4' x Width 5' = 20 square feet x .5 = 10 square feet
Step Two
Next you will need to select the depth that you would like the mulch to be installed at.  Too much mulch can suffocate plants in your landscape, but not enough can make your landscape more prone to weeds.  2 - 2.5" is the recommended depth for mulch, but you may want more for a playground.
Divide the total sqaure feet that you would like to cover by the yield of a cubic yard of mulch using the chart below.
Example 600 sqaure feet 2" deep
600 / 162 = 3.7 cubic yards
Yield of a cubic yard of mulch at a depth of...
1" deep = 324 square feet
1.5" deep = 216 square feet
2" deep = 162 square feet
2.5" dep = 135 square feet
3" deep = 108 square feet